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February 7, 2012
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BJBB: Sora Skyloft by Jin-Yutashi BJBB: Sora Skyloft by Jin-Yutashi
Name: Sora Skyloft

Profession: Assassin

Card Type and Number: 2 of Diamonds

Weapons/items of choice: Massive, extremely heavy Katana

Age: 17

When you first meet Sora he is extremely shy and almost never talks and anything he says is very quiet and he stutters a lot. But after he has spent more time with you he opens up a lot more. Sora is very patient and can tolerate even the most annoying people, he remembers everyone's names and faces and is very loyal. But if you yell and get angry at him he becomes shy and quite again, even if you have known and be friends with him for years.

Sora spends all of his spear time meditating and practicing with his sword and his martial arts, more for how relaxing it is then for any love of fighting.

He is very good at it and looks very graceful if you ever get the chance to watch but as soon as he knows he is being watched he becomes clumsy and no long seems to have any skill what so every, so often people seem to think he isn't very good at it at all. The only time he can fight infront of other people when itís a real fight with lives on the line.

He also loves cook and is ok at it but not great, another thing he loves is gardens, not gardening but gardens, big beautiful ones that clearly have had a lot of work to put into them.

History: Sora grew up under a rock (metaphorically speaking) with his teacher deep underground in a secret dojo. Is was here the he learnt to fight and use his sword, one day his master grew ill and Sora was sent to the surface to get medicine for him, but the humans in the city he found refused to help him because of him being a bunny. Since he was unable to get the medicine for his master he passed away a few weeks later. Enraged by the death of his master, Sora swore revenge on the humans who refused to help his master and after a few weeks of aimless killing he joined BJBB to see his goal through and get revenge not just for himself but for all the bunnies who were mistreated by humans just for being different.

.Also have a little blond bunny tail
.His sword is extremely heavy
.Sora is extremely strong, even for a bunny
.Is more a savoury person then a sweet person
.Very agile and fast
.He dresses the way he does for tradition (he dose like it though) but his clothes are too big for him so the top looks like a short dress and the pants fall off completely, he dose where the undershorts but they canít be seen front under the oversized top.
. His step brother [link]

I like Strawberries
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Maizuiko Feb 7, 2012  Hobbyist
Owwowww that hair so curly and fluffy! XD
And nice outfit ;v;
thank you I worked hard on the pattern of the outfit and his hair is super soft :D
Awwww, he is soooo cute~ -huggles him-
Thank you <3

Sora: * blushes and his huggled* h-hello
You're welcome~

-continues huggling- Hi~ You're adorable. You know that?
Sora: *blushes more* u-um thank y-you owo
You're welcome~ <3 -huuuuuug-
Tainted-Proxy Feb 7, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
((Rp? :'D ))
Tainted-Proxy Feb 7, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
((Setting? owo ))
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